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Beautiful, Practical and Affordable

Window blinds come in an endless variety of styles, colours, and patterns; providing an easy and effective way to create the perfect look in a room whether it be a bedroom, kitchen, living room, or bathroom.

By covering the entire window or part of it as needed, one can control the amount of light entering the room and can also protect furniture from damaging UV rays.

The extra layer of insulation provided by blinds reduces unwanted heat in the summer, and helps retain heat in the winter.

Blinds are also typically very easy to maintain and can often be cheaper to buy and install than curtains.

Different Types of Blinds

A quick look at the different blind types and their features. 
Roller Blinds

A modern, attractive blind option that is very popular today

  • Popular modern look
  • Easy to use
  • Sunscreen (allows a small percentage of light through) and Block-Out (blocks out all light) fabric options available or both can be installed one in front of the other for the best of both worlds.
  • Flexible material
  • Many colours, designs, patterns and textures available.
Roman Blinds

An ageless and practical design that blends into any room

  • Simple, casual and elegant look
  • Ageless, versatile designs that suit virtually any room
  • Extensive options to choose from
  • Design has been around for centuries
  • Can be made to look very modern
  • Can be made to look very traditional
  • Great for privacy as its made from one whole piece of fabric.
Vertical Blinds

A popular, unique and versatile design that provides practicality and stylish sophistication.

  • Affordable compared to other blind types.
  • Can be adjusted to fit the size and shape of even the most difficult bay or floor to ceiling windows.
  • Options include wood, fabric, metal or even PVC in a range of colours, textures and shades.
  • Straight design and sleek lines provide a very classic, neat and tidy look.
  • Easy to Maintain and Operate
  • Cheap and easy to replace
Venetian Blinds

Cost-effective, Easy to maintain and stylish

  • Fits in any room or environment
  • Stands up to humidity and moisture without warping.
  • Easy to maintain
  • Provides a sleek, simple elegance that doesn’t interfere with other elements of a room.
  • Allows incredibly granular control over how much light it lets through into the room.
Outdoor Blinds & Awnings

Affordable, aesthetically pleasing way to provide protection and increase outdoor space.

  • Able to cover outdoor areas to provide more usable space for use all year round.
  • Protects from wind, rain and harsh sun which then protects furnishings from damage, fading and general wear and tear.
  • Well chosen designs matched correctly can increase the value of a property.
  • Easy to use. Automated options available.

Stylish, durable and low maintenance. A timeless classic.

  • Longer lasting and more durable than blinds or curtains.
  • Timeless, stylish fit to any existing decor.
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean.
  • Available with an opening door design.
  • Improves the aesthetic of any property’s windows subsequently improving its value.
  • Easily adjustable for just the right amount of light and insulation.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are available in sunscreen or block-out materials. Some windows have both allowing for maximum flexibility when balancing lighting and day/night time privacy.

Roller Sunscreen

Sunscreen roller blinds are made of a slightly see-through mesh material that blocks out glare and UV radiation to keep the property cool and protect furniture and floors. In the daytime, one will be able to look outdoors but not the other way around providing both lighting and privacy.

Roller Blockout

Block-out roller blinds completely blocks out all light to darken and insulate the room. It is ideal when privacy is a priority and perfect for sleeping in. Like their sunscreen counterpart, there is a large range of colours, materials and patterns to choose from.


Shutters are available in Timber and PVC. They both have differing strengths and weaknesses and are ideally used in different circumstances.


PVC (plastic) shutters are a more affordable alternative to timber shutters and are perfect for wet areas as they are waterproof (timber is not).


When water-proofing is not a requirement, timber shutters are usually the preferred option. Timber shutters can span a bigger width than PVC shutters as they are lighter and more rigid. Many have water-resistant coatings to handle small amounts of moisture and they also have better resistance to UV.

Venetian Blinds

Available in aluminium and timber, Venetian blinds provide both a durable, easy to maintain option as well as a fantastic insulator of heat and sound.

Timber Venetians

Wooden Venetian blinds provide the classic look and warmth of natural wood. An effective insulator of both heat and sound. They will help block out street noise and keep the heat out in summer and the warmth in during winter.

Aluminium Venetians

Aluminium venetian blinds are highly durable and easy to maintain and clean. As they are waterproof, they can be used in wet and high humidity areas.

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